Military Girlfriend

Hello everyone that google brought you here.

Nice to know that you have looked up something like this and I hope this helps with whatever you are looking for.

I can tell you now that I am here, writing this as a Navy Girlfriend. Military, Navy- the girlfriend of, you get my point.

I will say that being the girlfriend of a military service member, we don’t get a whole lot of support and a lot of backlash. Wives and husbands are offered support through the military itself, but girlfriends? We are viewed as any other civilian. While at first this makes sense, the closer we get closer to our men/women, it hurts and gets frustrating to not know what the wives and husbands know.  I know that when I first started dating my sailor, I thought I was bad ass enough to not need support. I WAS WRONG! No matter how strong you are, whether or not you were raised in a military family, you will need support. This life is hard and having someone that understands that you can talk to… It’s nice.

I will go ahead and let you know if you didn’t slightly catch it so far, I will cuss and show my frustration and etc. This is first-hand emotions, thoughts, and facts of a military girlfriend. I am not going to bother correcting myself because others might get a little butthurt. Sorry in advance if that’s you. Us, military SOs (significant other), hold a decent image when we talk to people, but going home at the end of the day? We cry, we scream, we cuss and wish the military was a person so we could cause physical violence to it. We are not perfect and some of us reasonably admit to not be. I am not perfect nor will I ever be.

I will keep this updated as much as possible.



Updated fact: These are being written and published, but somehow being put in backward. So, the first ones are at the very bottom and the most recent are right after this one.

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