To Excel Upward

I want to be honest about something.

Taking a deep breath. *Inhale, exhale*

I use my relationship to write my school papers. HAHAHA

I can’t tell you how many times my teachers will give me such feedback of “Oh, interesting to know that” or “Nice understanding that”. I love my man, I love my relationship. My relationship helps me with school. It has got to be the weirdest thing I have ever said. Definitely a good thing. All good relationships are supposed to help you grow in these kinds of areas in your life. No one ever says how though. Like in sociology, we were writing about groups. I wrote about being the out-group of society due to my relationship status versus everyone else and then being the in-group with all the other SO’s. My teacher was sooooo impressed with it. She didn’t even know there was support groups online for the girlfriends. Hell yea there are. There best be or I’d lost my freaking mind.

Not about papers, but class discussions. The teachers that know I’m in my relationship will sometimes ask me before class if it’s okay to call on me and talk about how I feel or what happens sometimes. I am considered an out-group, so is he. The military, according to sociology, is it’s own institution and in a way it’s own culture. Think about it for a minute and you’ll realize it’s real. Sociology thrives on my relationship. My English class loves my writings. My chemistry teacher will ask on and off what bombs the ship works with. I never answer as I truthfully don’t know. I just know they are big. My medical terminology teacher asked if all recruits know some sort of first aid. From what he’s told me, the answer is yes. I think that’s smart.

I realize that this may make me seem like an asshole and I’m okay with that. I like teaching others about my relationship. It brings awareness to what we go through. The hardships that no one brings to light or acknowledges. I like when people want to truly understand what goes on in other relationships in the world outside of what they know. I like open-minded people.

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