Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

So, I love my man. I plan to marry the dork one day. Maybe pop out a few kids or just have a thousand dogs and horses. You know, the old fashioned dream. No white fence, it will get dirty and I doubt either of us will want to clean it. Or maybe just not me.


I am tired of people (both genders!) thinking it’s okay to flirt with me, knowing damn well I am taken. If ya’ll don’t know, okay cool. I’m still going to shoot you down.

I am nice a lot of the time. But really…. Respect my damn relationship. I don’t care that Jessica so and so went and cheated on her man with blah… NO, I don’t care. I ain’t no Jessica. Sorry to all the Jessica’s, first name that came to mind.

From customers at work to classmates to actual coworkers…. I’m tired of it. I am sad to say, I am okay with becoming mean if it means they will leave me be. I am not interested!

I have a man. I am happy with my man. I love and am in love with my man. I do not want anyone else.

What bring this up, you might ask? A coworker backing me into a cornering, protesting love and asking me to leave my sailor for him. This coworker of mine has been a friend to me for months and he was in the military. As I know that has no real relevance, he was supportive and helped give me a different view point when I was struggling with something. I realize now that maybe I shouldn’t have gone to him. I know I clearly shouldn’t have gone to him. He was the only person I knew that had some similar situations and I wanted to understand.  Having a really rough day, ending up crying, this coworker comforted me. Didn’t make a move at this point. I was granted and voiced so. I later had waited with him after my shift to talk until my ride came and got me from work. Then the cornering happened. It was intense and I was more than uncomfortable. I don’t care what he felt or whatever, he knew I was taken and happy. He knew.

I ended up walking away, not talking to him. I didn’t report him for harassment as I should’ve out of fear. He is in a power position. I no longer see him since moving into the pharmacy. Let me tell you the amount of relief. It really does suck though. I thought he was a friend that I could rely on, but I guess not. I am sick, it makes me sick to think about it.

Since his first “pursuit”, he has since continued to make moves towards me. Thankful to my coworkers, I have been successful in dodging this. I am becoming resentful of ever meeting this guy. I am close to hating him. I worry for the day I snap. I don’t remember the last time I snapped at someone. It will be bad. I am really worried about it.

Lord, give me self control. Give me patience. Give me strength. Strength to not knock his teeth out.


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