Oh Jane Austen…. Spin-off

I recently watched the newer movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I had seen the original and read the original book. I liked it, but honestly not as much as the original movie. When I read the book the first time around, I was in eighth grade and it was for English class. I hated it. I was not into reading what was required of me. I wanted to read what I wanted to. I was a rebel nerd. Still am. Watching the movie, I was assumed and decided to try and read the book again to see if I’d actually enjoy it.

But to be honest, I’ve only read three chapters so far and if you’ve read the book before, you’ll know that it equals up to about twenty pages in total. I know… pathetic.

More than anything, I wanted to talk about the movie. First off…. Mr. Darcy is such a dick. I understand his life is/was rough, but jeez dude. And Lizzy, I love her so much. I love how free-spirited she is and just does not care about anything that anyone says. You go girl. I think that it is that the fact that Lizzy is not afraid to politely say screw you to Mr. Darcy that got him to fall in love with her. Always an interesting way to fall for someone, I must say. In the zombie version, when he’s protesting his love for her, they get in a sword fight. Coolest thing ever, best lover’s fight. She rips his vest with a knife and he slices her dress and then she’s all mean and he leaves. She really hurt his feelings. Then stupid is as stupid does and he goes off to fight this zombie war. Blah blah…. They are super cute more or less. I sometimes wish to be a movie character, but then I think about it and know I would die fighting a zombie since I don’t know how to use a sword correctly and would probably cut myself before an actual zombie.

There are some parts that are absolutely awesome in the whole love aspect of it all. How Lizzy’s dad says he will basically disown her if she marries this horribly weird dude. How Mr. Darcy actually tries to help overall. How Mr. Bingley takes care of Jane when she plots her own sickness. How Mr. Darcy…. Well, I don’t know how to finish that sentence, but it’s cute.

But honestly…. I’m glad my life isn’t already a movie. That Hollywood hasn’t taken control over it and is telling me “Cut. Run it again”. Nope, screw that. I am happy. I am happy with even the good things. I’ll actually hear that sometimes. Some girl friends saying that my relationship is perfect and so Hollywood. I smile and in my head ask “What the hell is perfect?”…. Not downing my relationship at all. But with all good comes bad. Right now? My amazing sailor who talks to me as much as he can and has his family reach out to me and makes sure I’m okay…. Yea, he’s deployed. I don’t know where. I don’t know when he’ll be back. I don’t even know what time zone he’s in. I don’t know when I’ll get an actual phone call. IF I’ll get an actual phone call. And if I do, when. Nothing is perfect. I understand that. When I try being Hallmark with my man, there’s this on and off thing I always say. “You’re my imperfect perfect”… Cheesy crap I’ve ever come up with, but I am proud to be that kind of cheesy. I feel I made a whole new level and it may be viewed as a sad level, but still proud.

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