Loving Something Older

Ask anyone. What are your thoughts on emails? Old schooled, maybe?

I think so too. They are dumb as shit.

Until they are all I have. Waking up to one and waiting to read one before going to sleep… That’s what I have now. And at this point, I’m okay with old schooled. I have to be. I love him.

He emailed me and said that he thought that he thinks he saw land for the first time since he left. He said he wasn’t sure if it was real or not and it scared him to not know. I wouldn’t even know what to think or feel. How would anyone know unless they were there? That’s not something that happens everyday.

He emailed me that he passed a test. He brushed it off as something as simple, but me being the bias girlfriend…. I’m proud and wanted to tell the world that he did good. He passed. We are still waiting to see how he did on his promotional test, but I know he got it. I know I’m bias, but I also know how much he studied. He refused to call me sometimes to go study for the test. I know he did good. We will find out soon. I am already proud of him. If the end of the world were tomorrow, my deadly sin would be pride.

He emails me the same thing every time and I can rely that I will read that at the bare minimum. That he loves me.

Even though this is an old school tradition, emails are, it’s something that I’m in love with because it keeps me close to someone who is so far from me. I miss him like crazy, but I know that with each passing day, it only brings him closer to coming home.


2 thoughts on “Loving Something Older

    1. We do snail mail too, but for us, it takes about two weeks to arrive. I meant as this day and age, emails seem something of the past. I am hesitant to send physical mail due to many packages being lost at sea.
      I appreciate your comment and like of the post. I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or message me through my contact page.

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