At 1832

Riding in the backseat of the car was not how I was expecting my summer to start with. I was going on a family business trip to the farm and was not really thrilled to be doing it. I didn’t feel like doing anything productive after months of straining my brain to learn in school and then a new job. I would say that taking one week off before hitting life back upon activities sounds well deserved. Being on business, everyone in contact with our business knew my phone number and calls only when they can’t reach the other two immediate company owners. At this point, I am used to getting calls that I don’t recognize the number or even show up as unknown. I have been lucky that I haven’t had many times to receive such calls, but there are a few a week.

On the way to the farm today, my cousin’s phone rang while they weren’t in the car. By the time they got back, the phone was no longer ringing. We didn’t have time at the moment to call back and all agreed that if they called again, we would return the favor. I sat back, hoping the small mission of ours would be over so I could go home and read a new series I had been introduced to. Getting back into the car, music going, my family and I were happy. It was sunny out and there was a rainbow over towards the West. I honestly couldn’t imagine a more relaxing day even if I wanted to be home.

When the unknown number came up on my phone screen, I didn’t think about it and laughed at the joke my family whispered before I held the phone to my ear. I answer how I always answer now that my family runs a business.

“This is Marie, how can I help you?” Hoping whoever was calling would be quick and I could go back to my joke with my family.

“Hey, my Marie. How are you?” His voice came through the phone. As if by instinct, my hand flies to my mouth and tears start to well in my eyes. My family glances at me and raise their eyebrows at me. I don’t cry on the phone unless it’s really bad news and it has always been with them that it has happened.  I haven’t heard his voice since he said he loved me, leaving the airport to go back to base. That was months ago.

“Hi, I love you. I miss you. God, I am so happy to hear your voice.”


And just as suddenly as it started, it had to come to an end. The call was longer than what I would expect a call, but it was one to have none the less. I wasn’t sure if I would get a call until they got into port. I don’t know when they will get into port or which ones. All I know is that I can’t wait to hear his voice again.

With all the different, difficult things that have been happening lately, I feel I needed this. I needed him. It has been a few hours since the call and I  can tell you that my heart is still beating just as fast and the butterflies I normally get from one email have tripled and stayed in my stomach. I have been with him and I can honestly say that I love him. But what makes me really happy is that I am in love with him too. People see it as the same thing. It is not. Loving someone is a choice, being in love is more of an emotional hormone. I choose to love him and somehow, even after this long, I am still in love with him. People often call it the honeymoon phase and say that it always ends at some point, but I challenge that and ask, when?


I love and am in love with my hero, one of America’s heroes.


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