Okay, let’s do something a little different you guys. Let’s use a little bit of google and maybe learn something. It’s going to be about the Navy, duh. Mostly just some dull dates and events in the past. I’ll add in some sarcastic remarks and then we can all go about our lives and hope it may come up in a trivia game show and win a million dollars. If this does happen, you own me at least $10. That is a honest disclaimer. You own me.

Okay. Navy’s Birthday. October 13, 1775. Jesus, this thing is old. Fun fact. The Navy is not the oldest branch of the military, the Army is. However, as this is the real birthday, it used to be celebrated on the 27th. The same day as Mr. Theodore Roosevelt’s DOB. Now that it is past 1972, everyone has gone back to it’s right day. I actually did not know the year, but I did know it was Oct 13th. I used to NJROTC and we celebrated it every year. Mostly by having pizza, watching military movies and then playing card games outside in the shade. As high school students, that was a heavenly way to celebrate something during school hours. Our principal didn’t know, of course. I doubt they will ever know. I hope not. That shit was awesome.

Alright, next. Submariners are volunteers. Being in a relatively closed off space and without windows, yea, it makes sense. These men and women have to go through extensive testing to make sure they are awesome enough to do it. Needless to say, these peeps are very important and should not be looked down upon just because they are squids. Cough.

What now? There are multiple schools. After basic training, there are required schooling for the sailors. All will go to schooling known as “A School”. What that translates into, I can’t remember. More or less, from what my man has told me. After the recruits take the ASVAB (basically a job placement test, get three picks and then it’s up to you) and after basic training, they have to be trained on their jobs. This is A School. A School is where they go to get trained. It, if I’m correct, still holds physical training similar to Basic but holds more academic steered towards their career. Now, for the multiple school part… There is C School. This is schooling for specified jobs. Sometimes, sailors will go straight to C School after A school and sometimes it may be months or years before going there. Some sailors may never go there while others of the same career may have. Not being in the military myself, I can not be a reliable source of that information. If you want more information, please email me and I will get back to you with more in depth answers. And I thought I had a lot of schooling. Techincally, I do. I am just going for my ASN right now and that’s looking like four years total. Then with my BSN, that’ll be another two or three years. Yea buddy, I got more schooling than you, but you have the rougher job…. So, military one, me zero.

And now… December 7, 1941-Pearl Harbor. All eight battleships were damaged in one way or another and four of them sank. All but the USS Arizona was raised and six were returned to service to later fight in the war. Many other other Naval vessels were either damaged or sunk, but the war went on. As war is not my favorite topic in the world, it is important. It’s apart of my relationship. It always has been, but never so close to home as now. Seeing these facts and knowing how well our Navy raised up, literally, from the rough seas in a time of need and won the war gives me some hope. What kind of hope, I’m not sure, but hope in something. I do have to say though…. Our Navy is the best fucking Navy ever.

To close the curtain For all branches, there are songs called Jodies. Because of my past with NJROTC and my love for my man and his career… I have to write y’all one. Keep in mind that I support all the branches, but Navy will always be my favorite. I’m bias.  But I have to share one of my all time favorite ones we used to sing while running or on drill meets.

Everywhere we go, people wanna know

who we are, so we tell them

We are not the Army

The backpacking Army,

We are not Air Force

The low flying Air Force,

We are not the Marines

They don’t even look mean,

We are not the Coast Guard

They don’t even work hard,

We are the Navy,

The mighty mighty Navy

We are the Navy

The world’s finest Navy


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