I promise

I swear I wasn’t high at 2100 (9 pm). Baking cookies, watching a new medical show and watching live surgeries online…. Nope.

One thing all the SO’s tell you is to stay busy. Most of the time it is school work, work or family that keeps me busy. Last night? Nope, when they all passed out early, I went straight for the kitchen and started baking. Something I haven’t done in years. I must say, I am very proud the house is still standing and only half the cookies are burnt. I haven’t a clue as to why I decided it would be a great idea to do this. I didn’t get to bed until one in the morning. Don’t know how in the fuck I had that much energy, Jesus.

While the first batch came out last night, I groaned at the black edges and threw another one in. I still kept them, hoping my family would still eat them. The kids probably wouldn’t care. But thinking as I was doing this, I did think of my dude. I knew that he wouldn’t eat burnt cookies. I knew that he would praise my effort, but would find a way to get rid of them or I would do it for him. I know this.

It makes me nervous to think about maybe living with him someday. I love him and that’s what I want, but I have been so busy with school and my job that I honestly haven’t had a lot of time to learn to truly “housewife”. I need to. So, a new goal…. This summer, I’m going to be a bad ass cook and baker before he comes home from deployment. I’m going to ask that his mom sends me all her stuff to learn it. I’m basically going to take at home cooking school. I will know this stuff.

I know how to clean and do laundry already. I know how to take care of kids. So, that’s a huge part of “housewifing”, but Lord knows that cooking…. FOOD is what really keeps everything going. It is the source of life! Even when you’re in your momma’s belly, it is food. That is all that matter.

I am writing this before lunch…. I am hungry. Probably will just post it and then go eat something nice. Yea…. that sounds nice.

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